Products and Services

Open LabBot

We developed the Open LabBot as a universal robotic platform for automated sampling and imaging. See our article in the Microchemical Journal (2020): “Open LabBot and RmsiGUI: Community development kit for sampling automation and ambient imaging”,
The platform is based on RepRap (3D printer) technology, which makes the assembly of custom analytical setups easy. The high sampling speed and lateral resolution allow for high-throughput applications. The control and data analysis software is free and open-source.
The Open LabBot has been used for example in the automated chemical fingerprinting of alcoholic spirits and for Ambient Ionization Mass Imaging (AIMS) of native plant tissues.

 AIMS Power Supply

Most Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry (AIMS) methods require high voltage in either AC or DC mode. Since we had difficulties to find suitable devices, we designed an AIMS power supply for a broad range of AIMS applications, such as low-temperature plasma ionization, DESI, leaf spray, tip spray and TLC spray.

MeteoMex IoT Devices

MeteoMex devices are Do-It-Yourself kits for the sensing of environmental parameters, such as atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and soil moisture. They are of low cost and ready for connecting the to the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The separate MeteoMex project page provides application examples and code for connecting them to IoT platforms such as and

Custom prototypes, software and analytical services

If the solution for your analytical question is not available yet, or if you need modifications of existing platforms, we create instruments and software that fit your needs. In the figure, you can see for example a 3D printed low-temperature plasma (LTP) ionization probe and a custom spectral matching software. For developing complex analytical platforms, we collaborate with academic research institutes and private companies. Please contact us for discussing your special requirements.